My name is IAYAALIS.

I offer spiritual content, classes, coaching, and consultation. I serve as a Spiritual Advisor and Metaphysical Teacher to offer you greater insight, direction and balance in life.

I work to empower YOU to live your Best  life!

Why Choose IAYAALIS?

IAYAALIS does great work. Her insight and connection to the higher realms has helped me find my true calling. I would recommend IAYAALIS to anyone. Great results, Expert, Creative.

Azizah Nubia
owner of Natural Woman Magazine

IAYAALIS is a woman of great honor, integrity, hard-working and very spiritual. She is an expert in her field.

Uchendi Nwani
Master Barber and Digital Marketer at Millionaire Barber

IAYAALIS is a gifted and highly credible spiritual advisor and metaphysical life coach. She was trained and certified by Radiant Coaches Academy and has shown great promise and expertise in her role as a certified holistic life coach. IAYAALIS uses her great gifts of intuition and academic knowledge to help her clients gain emotional freedom, spiritual contentment, and overall excellent health of their body, mind and spirit.

Dez Stephens, CHC, PCC
Radiant Coaches Founder and CEO of Radiant Coaches Academy

I love getting readings with IAYAALIS. She’s a Psychic Medium and an Oracle. She combines the I-Ching, Numerology, Shamanic African traditions, and a lot of knowledge on crystals, just to name a few...She combines all these modalities and uses her gifts to help give you insight and more clarity in your life and your life path. It’s been super beneficial... She’s a super empowering, extremely creative, insightful, and caring woman. She is very gifted. I can’t say enough good things about her. I love IAYAALIS and I highly recommend her to anybody that’s seeking. I hope you check her out. I know you won’t be disappointed

Alicia Gervais / Red Hawk
Breathwork, Holistic Coach, Dance


IAYAALIS Durga-Ma'at Eloai

creatrix & co-founder

IAYAALIS Durga-Ma'at Eloai is the Creatrix & Co-Founder of Supernal Rootz. She is an Oracle, Shamanic High Priestess of The Word, and as emcee of Esoteric Podcast - she is The MDMO - The Multi-Dimensional Mouth. She specializes in Intuitive Relationship Coaching. She is also especially skilled in Metaphysics, Magick, Energy Healing, Intuitive Mastery and Divination. IAYAALIS is an Indigenous Healing Artist, Wise Woman, Medical Intuitive, Psychic Medium, and a certified Holistic Life Coach. She is a Master Energy Healer with Ra Sekhi (Levels 1 & 2) and a Reiki Master-Teacher with Levels 1, 2, 3 certification. She has been initiated and trained to give Deeksha Oneness-Blessing. She has received Tao Blessing and has been initiated into Kriya Yoga. IAYAALIS offers content, classes, and counsel in the spiritual sciences for insight, direction, & balance in life. She has advised and taught the spiritual mysteries for three decades. Many have triumphed in successfully navigating through various life challenges by way of her guidance.

IAYAALIS - I Am You Are And Love IS...!


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